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How can we address the major scientific issues that are both current and fascinating and in the most accessible way possible? How can we provide our (future) readers with a comprehensive overview of healthcare innovations and the challenges facing medicine now and in the days to come? How can we incorporate the viewpoints and convictions of our industry’s stakeholders?

This is, in fact, precisely the raison d’être of Insights, our new magazine devoted to the main issues facing the pharmaceutical industry, presented from the point of view of a variety of people within the industry.

For this first issue, we interviewed Nicolas Lévy, clinician and professor of medical genetics, Chief Scientist Rare Diseases at Servier, about rare diseases. We asked questions like: What progress has been made in this field? What are patients’ expectations and what major challenges do researchers face? This passionately committed scientist tells us how the field of rare diseases holds some of the greatest potential for medical innovation.

Perhaps you’ve heard of those “Digital Twins” that replicate human diseases in order to treat them more effectively? Colin Hill, CEO and co-founder of the start-up called Aitia, explores the topic in a video.

We also hear from patients, who share their experience with illness in a series of exclusive podcasts.

Lastly, you’ll find a joint interview on the challenges and opportunities for “mid-size Pharma,” as well as a first-hand account from Palm Therapeutics, a start-up awarded from an incubation program in the United States.

We hope you enjoy reading it!


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